Welcome to Bee and Joe’s playground

Bee and Joe are both creative people at heart. This is a space where they can stretch there creative muscles.

Be it graphics, video, podcasts or creative web stuff. Bee and Joe like to give it a whirl. This website is new and will develop over the next few months so keep your eyes peeled to see what magic appears.

A project they have been working on for a while is Did I just Say That. It’s a fun lifestyle podcast where they take you through all the fun and mundane things that happen in there life. To find out more check out this page


Meet the squad


A talented artist, surface pattern designer, almost anything arty Bee can turn her hand to it. She is a fitness fanatic and a proud Scout. Read more here.


An analyst at heart, Joe is driven to solve problems whatever they may be. Having a keen interest in technology Joe has an understanding and has written scripts in most of the computer languages out there. He loves taking pictures and video, he loves pushing himself with his editing skills. Passionate about all things adventure, Joe loves Climbing and is a proud Scout. Read More here.


Bee and Joe love a challenge, here is a collection of some to give you an idea of what they get up to.

The first one up here is their podcast, Did I Just Say That. Take a look here.